wtorek, 27 lipca 2010

Oreo truffles (nearly.. :] )

Cookies&cream. No matter, who invented it. I would give him/her gastronomic Nobel. Oreos are everywhere. In cheesecakes, cupcakes, fudge, truffles. And what can I do, if we haven't got it in Poland?! Yeah, it's sad. We have all kinds of sandwich cookies - choc-vanilla, vanilla-caramel, choc-coconut, vanilla-halva...
And I'm too lazy to make DIY oreos in aim of using in to make truffles. :<
But our chocolate cookies with vanilla cream were good. And truffles were brilliant. You can not trust me, but everyone can trust HIM.

So, let's do it. Let's have about 30, delicious truffles.
1 pound/450 Oreo cookies
8 oz./225 grams cream cheese
4 oz. chocolate - dark, white - as you like

Finely crush cookies. Reserve 1/2 cup of crumbs for later.
Mix remaining crumbs with softened cream cheese. You can use a spoon.
Roll the mixture into small balls. Then, refrigerate for half an hour, so you can easily coat in chocolate later.
Yes - it's time for a bath!

Melt chocolate and dip balls into it. Set aside on a wax paper. Refrigerate for a short time.
Better to hide it, because you never know, where the Cookie Monster is..

Recipe here.

3 komentarze:

  1. such a beautiful post! love your style!

  2. Aaaaaarghhh, Cookie Monster! I love him. Trufles look OK. :)

  3. uwielbiam ciasteczkowego potwora! ale fajna maskotka :)